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About Tile Agencies Group

Tile Agencies Group (T.A.G.) is a division of Time Masters (Australia), whose co founders, Bryan Vadas and Steve Flint, have been associated with the tile industry since 1984.

Since our beginnings, we have gained experience in the tile industry as retailers, importers, franchisees, franchisors, trainers, international buyers, agents, and consultants. We have worked with the biggest groups in Australia, as well as independent tile retailers, wholesalers, and specifiers, and developed a global understanding and appreciation for the industry.

During years of attending tile fairs and exhibitions around the world, we established a network that includes manufacturers, technical experts, and buyers from across the globe, giving us an unmatched breadth of resources and access to leverage that our network brings.

The ranges we carry are perfectly aligned to the needs of the tile industry in Australia. We have been very particular in securing supply of lines that represent an edited and relevant range that will generate sales and profits. We offer range exclusivity once a you start with a line, and help share successful strategies from other markets that may assist your sales.

With Time Masters, we have earned a reputation for making good things happen with the multinational businesses through to SMEs who are are clients. Our methods are proven and the results sustainable, even after we have gracefully exited the programs we implement. Amongst our clients are some of the most prestigious and successful brands in the tile in Australia, for whom we continue to assist with strategic planning and delivery in a timely and cost effective manner.